6 Business Functions Every CEO Needs To Pay Attention To

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When thinking about what exactly a CEO does, it may feel overwhelming.

The job description for a CEO lives in the world of high level activities that will move the business forward. The CEO is the leader of the ship and must act accordingly. ⁣Everything rides on the CEO being able to look at their business from the big picture and how a chain of events will effect their prosperity or demise of their business.

There are 6 functions that a CEO focuses on.

1. Visibility – You, as the CEO, are the person out and about making connections and building relationships. You are the people person. Identifying key collaborations for business ventures and ensuring your river of new and old business never dries up. ⁣You have to make sure your business is seen by the right people and talked about to help the word spread so your business can grow.

2. Revenue – You must have good grasp and understanding of your revenue goals. It must be a priority to put the company in the best position to make money and ensuring the business is profitable. The growth and finances of your business need to be at the forefront of your to-do list. ⁣At any time, you need to be able to answer how your business is doing financially.

3. Team building – Set your team up for success. Delegate properly and know when to hire, fire, or make team changes. Always have a good pulse on your business vibe and know when to be more hands-on as well as more hands-off. You identify team talent. You are able to have tough conversations but also know how to encourage and empower your team to be the experts at their job so you can focus on other tasks. ⁣

4. Streamline operations – You understand operations and realize when changes need to be made to your business workflow. You work with your team, hire consultants if necessary, and ensure your business is a well oiled machine. ⁣Don’t be afraid to ask for help, advice, or the opinions of your team members. They want your business to succeed as much as you do.

5. Strategy development and implementation – You are a forward thinker. You make pivots when the business calls for it. You’re innovative and know that the best strategies are always planned and mapped out for implementation. Your business benefits from the resources and people you have around you because you implement fearlessly.

6. Protection and compliance – You protect the company brand. You pay attention to reviews and brand feedback. You ensure the business acts with integrity and the business operations compliance is always on point.⁣ You hold your business and employees to the highest standard. You aren’t afraid of making corrections, admitting when you’ve messed up and making changes for the betterment of the community in and around you.

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