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She stepped into her CEO mindset and owned it!

"CEO coaching has helped me by empowering me to step into a CEO mindset and to own it! Brandy is very personable, caring and patient. I also loved the intimacy of the group and that we were able to form great connections."

- Nadia Ramsaran, MS, LPCC | CEO, Clinical Director

She saved thousands by gaining a better understand of her private practice!

"Working with Brandy and her team at Private Practice CEO™ (PPC) has been life changing and life altering. I am not the same person I was when I started working with her. Since working with PPC, I am stronger CEO and have an even clearer mission and vision on who my target audience is as well as set better boundaries for my brand and practice. We eliminated business lines that were not profitable or does not allow our clients to get the care that they deserve, increased prices based on the value and transformation for our clients, hired my ride or die dream team, pitched brand to podcasts, other brands, and organizations for collaboration, developed an action plan, developed business planning process, developed reporting, developed policies and procedures, developed key performance indicators, and more. Brandy and her program have saved my brand thousands over the long-run. I have years of business experience, but have not owned and managed a private practice. Brandy and PPC have been invaluable to our success. We have gained so much during the program and we are so happy to work with PPC.

- Dr. Dianna Dixon, DPA, CLC, CBS,
Pump with Purpose CEO | Breast Pumping Expert | Certified Lactation Counselor | Certified Breastfeeding Specialist | Maternal & Infant Health Advocate

A safe space was opened for her to be vulnerable & make lasting change.

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Brandy and the Savvy Clover team. Reaching out to her was the best decision I made for my practice and myself. Brandy is insightful, knowledgeable, and genuine. She created a safe space for me to be vulnerable to open myself up and step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve learned so much about myself through this journey on a business and personal level! CEO coaching has provided me with a more in-depth insight and understanding about my leadership strengths and areas to improve. Brandy, Jaelyn, and the entire Savvy Clover team have been truly a blessing!"

- N. Garza, MSW, LCSW, RPT | CEO

Revelations were made about mindset and self-care that she didn't realize were affecting her business.

"CEO coaching has helped me by giving me confidence and guidance on structuring my business and my personal needs. I was able to create a good foundation for the business needs. Brandy helped me understand KPI's and focus on areas that overall bring organization and intention to my business. [Brandy] is very encouraging and knowledgeable! Sitting down for an entire day and reviewing all aspects of my business was very helpful and the follow ups have been very needed since I do struggle with follow up in general. Brandy also does great at understanding how all aspects impact business, including my own personal barriers or insecurities. She is able to bring those to attention in a compassionate and caring way. She holds me accountable for making change that I deserve and need. As a natural giver I tend to put myself last, Brandy will help you bring focus back to yourself and your needs which in turn helps you pour into your business in ways you didn't know existed."

- Venus Kennedy, LCMHCS | CEO

She learned about her strengths & weaknesses which allowed her to own her CEO status.

"I've learned how to be a better CEO. I've learned how to own my CEO status! I've gained more confidence, more insight to the company's marketing and financing, how to create a great company culture, learned more about my weaknesses and strengths, and how to plan with intentionality. I met new friends and God showed himself through each person I met. It was like this time was ordained just for us. An amazing experience, one that I will always remember and cherish! Thank you to my amazing and beautiful coach. I don't think you will ever really know the magnitude of what you've done for me. Just pray that God blesses you and your business beyond what you could ever imagine!"

- Courtney Curtis | CEO, Family Services Inc.

Understanding was gained and the investment was worth it.

"Brandy has helped me by understanding the ins and outs of my practice. I love everything about [CEO Coaching]. I love how knowledgeable Brandy was. It was a great investment."


Guidance, tools, and support aided in better business planning.

"Brandy has helped me by giving me guidance and tools, moving towards a more sustainable structure for my practice. [I loved the] support and business planning components, individualized guidance. I feel I am now working more from a plan vs. just managing the day-to-day. I like knowing I have support and somewhere to go with questions vs. feeling alone."

- Bella Pecyna, LCSW, CADC | CEO

Accountability coupled with regular challenges helped her grow as a CEO.

"Brandy has helped me by establishing accountability measures, creating opportunities to process questions and concerns, and support me as I work through implementing changes and overhauls. The CEO coaching experience taught me a wide-range concepts and theories to improve my skills and knowledge as a CEO. The assignments between sessions were also extremely helpful. [I] loved each of my coaching calls with Brandy. She was easy to talk to and challenged me to expand my knowledge weekly."

- Dr. LaKeitha Poole, LPC-S | CEO

Limiting thoughts were replaced with confidence to pursue her dreams.

"Brandy with CEO Coaching has helped me grow and find order to my business. This experience has removed my limited thoughts and placed me in a place of confidence to pursue the exaggerated dreams I have for my business and myself."

- Regina Zabel, LCSW, ACSW | CEO

Gaps in knowledge were filled with specific tools & resources encouraging a CEO mindset.

"[Brandy] has encouraged me to think like a CEO and to prioritize people and processes as I step into this next phase of growth in my business. Brandy is resourceful and has provided several tools for filling in the gaps of my knowledge and what needs to be done to make processes work smoother. This has taken the form of books, manuals, checklists, job descriptions, or practice handbooks. She is smart and insightful, and genuinely cares about the success of my business. I love that Brandy is so accessible and hard-working. She is always well-prepared for our meetings and thinks great on the spot when unexpected things happen. Most importantly, she is a fantastic communicator and problem-solver. The wisdom she has shared with me has truly saved me from several potential mishaps in business. Brandy is an exceptional CEO coach, and I am forever grateful."

- Dr. L. Upson Rush, Licensed Psychologist | Director, CEO

Achieved better organization while gaining a deeper understanding of her practice with a new perspective.

"CEO coaching has helped me get the practice more organized and to start seeing it more as a business than just a profession. I have been able to get more acquainted with financials, reviewing marketing strategies better, and look at the operations of my practice. Brandy is very personable, down to earth, and has a good pulse on what practice should be doing. I also appreciate the resources she provides. The learning materials were wonderful. It was nice to be on calls with other providers; I loved the guest experts."


Gained more directed focus while feeling supported through adversity.

"CEO coaching has helped me focus on my assets and strengths, directing me to the right energy to move forward despite all the barriers and challenges I faced. Even though I haven't had the right practice manager to implement the changes yet, I am confident that Brandy will get me out of this rut and thrive once I have someone to help me. Brandy is very professional and gentle with me. I would recommend working with Brandy because of her style and professionalism, speed and response to my questions."

- Minna, Ph. D, ABSNP | CEO

Increased confidence and belief in herself while adding more structure.

"Private Practice CEO™ is helping me unclutter my thoughts and put things in the right perspective and order. I have increased confidence and belief in myself and my abilities to do the things I want to do to grow my practice. Since being a part of this program, I'm able to utilize my time and plan more efficiently. I would recommend this service to anyone who feels stuck and unsure of their future and next steps. "

- N. Stovall, LCSW | CEO

Gained confidence and knowledge while feeling supported by community.

"Private Practice CEO™ is helping me organize to-do’s for aspects of running the business that need to be fine tuned. I like the accessibility to someone who is positive and encouraging who has experience in how private practice should be run. I like the organization of the program in addressing all of the pillars and learning tips for improving in those areas. I love the community amongst women, sharing ideas and supporting each other by answering questions and posing those “pain in my side” issues without fear of judgement from others. [Since being in Private Practice CEO™, I] feel confident to hire an admin to help with marketing and in the weeds tasks, and in doing that the hope is that revenue will increase. I would recommend Private Practice CEO™ for anyone who is established in their practice and needs the insight and knowledgeable support to take the practice to the next level in its service offerings and streamlining operations. There is always room for improvement and the program leaves much to be desired in knowing there is so much more to learn and grow as a private practice CEO."

- Dr. Angela Onyekanne PT, DPT, GCS | CEO

Felt safe to grow as a leader and the CEO of her practice with less stress.

"Private Practice CEO™ has helped me by providing a safe community of support, helping me feeling more confident as an owner, while providing helpful resources. [Since being a part of Private Practice CEO™, I feel] more confidence in marketing, grew the right team, and created more infrastructure within the practice. I feel I am able to trust the process of growth with my practice, take more risks, and feel less stress in the change and development moments of running the business side. The community of support from PPCEO has been so crucial to my development as a leader."

- Ruth Patiño Henderson, LCSW | CEO

She grew as a leader while implementing more structure in her practice.

"Brandy is so down to earth and knowledgeable. I really appreciate her guidance and her community. It's so good to be around like-minded individuals who are scaling their practice. Private Practice CEO™ is helping me by building my leadership team, clarifying my mission and values, and implementing more KPIs. What I love for the CEO Coaching experience is the ongoing support and feedback. Helping to shift my mindset to a 7-figure practice. [I have been able to] delegate more to staff,  and create a 30, 60, 90 evaluation for staff, as well as create an organizational chart for future leadership team members. I highly recommend the Private Practice CEO™ program to anyone looking to improve their leadership and grow their practice. This program is hands-on and really practical. It's great for learning new skills and finding better ways to run your business. Plus, you get to connect with other professionals who are just as focused on growing their practices. It's a real game-changer for both you and your team."

- Shawniel Chamanlal, LCSW | CEO

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