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The freedom and income you’re craving comes with delegation.

I remember when I was dating this guy way back when, he gave me this Wonder Woman collectible. He told me it was because he loved how I took care of everything. I made everything look so easy. I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, took care of my son, had a great job, and was working on a Master’s degree. 

What he didn’t see was that I was stressed, tired, overworked and all I wanted to do was go take a nap. 

Fast forward to today. 

I’m fine with not being Wonder Woman and I don’t want to be her either. One thing I have learned over the years is that my time is valuable. Whether it is at home, or in my business, it’s okay, and actually healthy, for me to delegate. 

I read a caption this week from a well known multi-6-figure entrepreneur who is trying to grow her business past the $1M mark, her struggle? Delegation.     

Delegation is one of the top fears when it comes to hiring and having a team. It’s perfectly normal to have some hesitation. However, delegation is required to grow and scale your business.

The freedom and income you’re craving comes with delegation.

Not keeping everything on your plate. 

If you struggle with the ”I can do it all” attitude. It’s time to check your inner Wonder Woman. Being a Savvy CEO is about stepping up and doing what is needed to run and manage your business to be profitable and sustainable. This means looking at both your life and your business.     

Recently, I delegated grocery shopping. I’m not talking about Instacart. I hired a personal shopper to do my grocery shopping. I hired an actual person to go from store to store to help me with my grocery shopping. Truth be told, I hate grocery shopping, cleaning, and doing laundry. Plus, I was tired of having to order all my groceries from one store. I like options, so I found a service to help me. It takes a lot of time to go from one store to the next. What’s amazing is my personal shopper is a small business owner like me, so it feels good to contribute to her business. The results of delegating these three tasks are game changers. 

I love help.

Being there for my family and doing big things in my business are important to me, so delegation is a non-negotiable.   

Specifically this delegation allowed me to focus on the expert CEO training I am apart of this month created by Tyler McCall (@tylerjmccall) called Online Business Association (OBA) which will get my name and business in front of 400 new people. This is way more fun and profitable than grocery shopping and cleaning! It also allowed me to have dinner with a friend and get the rest I needed to be sharp and ready to help my clients!

 My message is stop playing small, go after what you want and get help.

What is something you can delegate to help you at home or in your business?

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