I’m Brandy Mabra - the CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching & Consulting and a CEO Coach for Private Practice Owners.

Stepping up as the CEO of your private practice and feeling reluctant and fearful about it is normal. You deserve to go after the lifestyle you crave and success you’re meant to achieve outside of being a practitioner.

I use my 15 years of business management and leadership experience building, managing and leading 16 million+ group practices to help you scale yours. It’s this experience I use to empower my clients to own their CEO status, streamline their operations and build, grow and lead their “ride or die“ dream teams.

Building the next phase of your business takes intention and strategy. It's about you getting out of the day to day in the weeds of your business.

I’m passionate to saying goodbye to the stress, frustration and burnout of building your practice! Your company doesn’t need a firefighter. It needs you as the empowered, bold CEO to lead with confidence as you move the practice forward and create buy-in and engagement for your practice's mission and vision.

As a busy mom and CEO myself. I learned over the years building practices being burned out wasn't good for anyone. I suffered, my family suffered, my work and my practice suffered. The benefits of having a well oiled company with an engaged team is a game changer.

Having the ability to delegate, partner and brainstorm with others is amazing. The structure, accountability and support is critical to the success of your practice. 

Think of me as your trusted advisor helping you to make the bold CEO. If you choose to work with me, these are the kinds of skills and expertise I bring to the table.

I went from a bankrupt single mom of a toddler to the breadwinner and CEO of my own company. I know what it takes to build, grow and lead a 7-figure practice and beyond. I'm here to help you stand in your CEO role with confidence and take your practice to knew heights. 

I believe we all have a vision that God is calling us to stand in. A purpose bigger than us. We have to believe in our vision and it's possibility. I know your practice is here to change the world. To make the world a better place. It's the same for my company. We have to own our value and honor our boundaries, have faith in the desire to help people and have the commitment to our company's mission and vision. 

I am...

A Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

Passionate about coaching & mentorship, and my relationship with God

Obsessed with my family & helping people.

An authority in healthcare business & leadership.

Always up for traveling , experiencing 5-star luxury & Owning My CEO Status.

What Makes Brandy Stand Out...

She's guided private practices through the 2008 recession and other difficult economic business climates to enable them to remain sustainable & profitable. 

She's worked on the both the provider and payor sides of healthcare. Working in and with several different specialties including Mental Health, Chiropractics, Cardiology, Ophthamology, Primary Care, Physical Therapy, OB-GYN to name a few. 

She's been the go to consultant & leader for multi-million and billion dollar global healthcare organizations, large hospital systems and practice's making her a diverse expert in the healthcare industry. 

She's hired 100s of team members. Lead and managed small, mid-size and large teams. Helping her to understand the real life intricacies and dynamics of what is required to build
and empower a high performing team.  

what I beleive

 Stand in your God given purpose, mission and vision. It's there to guide you to make the impact you're meant to make in the world. 

A few things I beleive

Stop focusing on what you don't have. Focus on what you do have and watch how many more doors God opens up for you.

A few things I beleive

Time is nothing but an excuse to keep you playing small.

Our Mission & What We Believe

Our Mission

What We Believe

Our mission is to teach and empower private practice owners on how to be the CEO of their practice. To have a full understanding of the business and leadership side so they can have a practice that is healthy and thriving. A practice that doesn’t leave them burned out and overwhelmed from lack of business knowledge they didn’t learn during their training. Having a sustainable and profitable practice allows practice owners to leverage their practice to make a big impact in their lives, their community and the world at large. We do this by facilitating top-tier CEO training, coaching, mentorship and consulting in the form of our CEO school for private practice owners, CEO and team retreats, private advisory, a newsletter, virtual and live seminars and an online community of other private practice owners.  

We believe that all private practice owners are more than practitioners. They have the power to make our world a holistically healthy and safe space by having a practice that is built for growth, is sustainable and profitable. This is why we are dedicated to helping practice owners keep their doors open to serve their clients and patients. The more practice owners we have who show up as confident leaders with the business knowledge they need we as a company are in turn making the world a better place. We value and respect all healthcare specialties and believe there are best practices that can be taken from each in order to strengthen the healthcare system collectively and our clientele’s businesses. We understand thinking outside the box is critical to find solutions for how private practices and their owners can be in the best position to thrive.  

let's get your
time back

Ready to own your CEO status?

Stop letting your practice run you, instead of you running
your practice.

i'm ready to be a ceo