How to Protect Your Energy

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Protect your energy. It’s vital to your success.

When you have big goals and dreams you want to accomplish your biggest asset is you. 

Without you, you won’t have a business. Therefore, protecting your biggest asset is a must and is non-negotiable.

One of the things I talk to my clients about is looking at things full picture. Not just business or career-related, but also life-related. Remember, they all overlap and regardless of what people say one can affect the other. 

When you are planning your week, one great way to protect your energy is to schedule “recovery” days after any big energy sucker. 

This could be a big event, a big project completion, a long week where you had to give your energy to others, or even a big vacation where there was more running around compared to relaxation. 

Protecting your energy also means giving your energy to only the priority things whenever possible. This helps you to show up as your best self for things that will move your business. 

Here are some other things you can do to help. 

  1. Tackle harder tasks first and early, so you’ll be more focused and you’ll finish them faster.
  2.  Put important tasks on a calendar and block off time to do them. This includes business and personal. For me, if it’s not scheduled it won’t get done. 
  3. Find the efficiency in your process. If you are taking the long way to get things done this will deplete the precious energy you have with duplicate tasks. One of the best efficiency practices is batching. Also, doing small tasks right then and there when appropriate saves time as well. If it sits to the side and piles up that’s wasted time that you will pay for later. Just do it and move on.

Remember, you’re the CEO, so act like one – and protect your energy.

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