Ep. 5 – How Your Leadership Is Impacting Your Bottom Line with Diana Williams & LaDawn Townsend

Get ready because you’re in for a treat! This week you’re hearing our conversations from my Podcast Launch Party. I brought in two of my dear friends and colleagues, LaDawn Townsend and Diana Williams to help me celebrate the launch of my podcast and to dive deeper into leadership and money. There’s such a close […]

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Ep. 4 – 5 Positions You Need For Your Million Dollar Practice

One of the biggest mistakes I see private practice owners make is not changing their business model and team structure as their practice grows. Keeping the same responsibilities on your plate despite your practice getting busier, your revenue growing and the practice becoming more complex to manage leads to burnout. As your practice grows, your […]

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Ep. 3 – Private Practice CEOs Do These Activities

Inside this episode, we break it down on the business activities that move your practice forward.  According to the Harvard Business Review, there is a greater need for strategic leadership. CEOs have to think about how they will prosper in an ever changing environment. Your practice requires the same thought process.  Too often practice owners […]

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Why I Created This Podcast

Hello and welcome to our first episode of CEO Conversations™: The Private Practice Podcast. I’m your host, Brandy Mabra. Tune in as I discuss the four reasons I started this podcast and my vision for you as you listen into this podcast. Have suggestions? Email us at or visit our website and drop us a note. […]

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Meet Brandy

I’m the CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching & Consulting and a CEO Coach for Private Practice Owners. I'm a Healthcare Business and Leadership Expert.

I'm the founder of Private Practice CEO™  where advanced Private Practice Owners learn the business side of their practice on a deeper level to scale their practice for growth, sustainability and profit. 

Our clients are ambitious private practice owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to end the vicious cycle of burn out & overwhelm. My mission is to help you to think about your practice in a different way to have more time, money and peace. 

I have almost 2 decades of business and leadership experience building, growing and leading multi-million dollar practices. I can't wait to share my knowledge to help you with the business side of your practice. 

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