Getting Your Partner on Board With Your Dreams

August 14, 2020

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So you’ve got big dreams…

So, you’ve got big dreams of building your business. Whether you’re at the beginning stages or further along in your business building journey, not having your partner on board can suck. Let’s be honest. 

Everyone has different reasons for why they start their business. 

However, it usually starts with a realization knowing you’re meant to do more than sitting in a cubicle waiting for retirement. 

Some of the most common reasons are: You hate your boss; you want to make more money; you are passionate about something and want to do more with it; you want to own your days; you want to make more of a contribution to society; you lost your job.  

Whatever, your reason, it’s always nice for your partner to be supportive. 

But what do you do when they don’t understand the vision you have for yourself and your business?

I remember the day me and my significant other had an interesting conversation about my business that kind of went like this:

Me: “Excuse me…Why would you say that? I’m not being silly! I’m going after my dreams, making an impact and creating a better life for us. I’m tired of feeling unfulfilled and waking up miserable. I have to do something different!”

Him: ”This makes no sense.”

Me: ”You’re not supportive.”

Him: ”I’m supportive and I want you to be happy. But you wanting to give up your stable and successful career makes no sense.”

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve had a similar conversation with a family member, a friend, or partner who doesn’t understand your ambition and goals to create something out of nothing.

I remember before I started my business, I felt like something was wrong with me. 

What seemed like a successful career to everyone else from the outside, I secretly  hated every minute of it. I had a great salary, a great title, but it wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. It wasn’t filling my cup.

I was working crazy hours , my self care sucked, there was the constant stress of phone calls. Honestly, it was too much.

For years, there was a voice inside me saying, “You’re meant for something more.”

So, one day I grew tired of the misery and thought seriously about my future and what I wanted my career to look like. I paid attention to the voice inside me saying I was meant to do more. To stop being a square peg trying to fit myself into a round hole and to stop settling!

Fast forward to today. I know exactly what I’m meant to do. I’m making an impact and serving women who have big dreams of their own. I’m creating my own CEO position and building my own wealth.

Now, let’s go back to the conversation above.

When I did try to explain it to him, he didn’t get it. 

So, I decided to stop explaining myself and show him.

This is what he hears me say now…

“Honey, my client went viral on social media.” 

“Babe, my client had their most profitable month.” 

“Babe, my client broke zoom hosting a webinar because so many people joined.”

“Honey, my client made a partnership with a business in New York.” 

“Babe, my client hired their first employee.”

Today, my significant other sees a confident Brandy showing up, which helped him to get behind my vision.

He is happy when I get a new client and they pay me in full. He’s proud when he sees a testimonial about the work I’m doing. He gives me a thumbs up when he hears me hosting my workshops. He smiles when he hears my client’s wins.

In the end, many people will not understand your journey because it’s your journey. All you can do is have faith in your purpose and step in to it. As you do the work, get the help you need and continue with the process, you will see people start to understand your journey. There will still be some who never get it and that’s okay. You continue to do you.

Through me doing my work and stepping into the life I envision for me and my family, I’m showing my significant other I know what I’m doing. And guess what, he’s on board!

Remember, regardless of what other people say, do, or think, you got this!

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