I'm all about you owning your CEO status!

Stop being held hostage in your practice. Own your CEO role to scale your practice with streamlined operations, an engaged team and you as an empowered leader. 

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our why

Because you deserve to have a practice that you love and can run without you. 

We are passionate about you understanding the business side of your practice. To have a practice that is built to last with strong leadership, efficient operations and a team who has buy-in for your vision and mission. Successful practices are built on strong foundations. You set the tone for your practice, which is why we want to make sure you and your team are set up for success.  

Kiki grew in her confidence and belief

I have increased confidence and belief in myself and my abilities to do the things I want to do to grow my practice. 

Camecia is growing by owning her ceo status with support

I have been able to grow my team and get my operations in order. I love the availability Brandy has to help me as I learn and grow.

lisa tripled her sales

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suzanne had a 20k launch

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Private Practice CEO™ 
CEO School

Learn the business side of your practice on a deeper level. Get out of the day to day in the weeds work with hands-on CEO business and leadership training to scale your practice for growth, sustainability and profit. For practice owners generating consistent monthly revenue. 

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this thing we do

Private Advisory & Consulting

Get the hands-on guidance and support to go after the next phase of growth. For practices generating 7-figures+ of revenue annually. 

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Private Practice CEO™ is helping me by establishing accountability measures, creating opportunities to process questions and concerns, and support me as I work through implementing changes and overhauls.

- Dr. LaKeitha Poole, LPC-S | CEO 

Venus bridged the gap of knowledge with confidence

I have recommended Brandy many times already! It is helpful to have another perspective and someone who understands business and more specifically Private Practice! Especially because I am trained as a therapist, and not in business. Brandy is able to help me bridge the gap of knowledge with confidence!

Dr. L. Upson Rush prevented mishaps in her practice

I love that Brandy is so accessible and hard-working. She is always well-prepared for our meetings and thinks great on the spot when unexpected things happen. Most importantly, she is a fantastic communicator and problem-solver. The wisdom she has shared with me has truly saved me from several potential mishaps in business..

lisa tripled her sales

I'm baby farm-to-table activated charcoal four dollar toast humblebrag pop-up, man bun +1.

suzanne had a 20k launch

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What makes us different

We're Hands On

Brandy uses her signature blueprint to fit directly to your practice to make a clear guide to achieve your goals. She meets with you to gauge where you are and meets you there. Then gently leads the way.

We're Your Champion

Brandy and her team work together to give you the resources, support and accountability you need to stay the course. You can do this and we fully believe that! Let us cheer you on!

We're Very Experienced

Brandy spent 15+ years building, growing & leading multiple 8-figure practices. Cleaning up their systems. Empowering her mangers to lead with confidence and build a team with buy-in. She knows her stuff!! Brandy uses her CEO skill set to build her company and help private practice owners scale to and past their goals.

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Let's work together, to help others own their CEO status!

Looking to have Brandy be on your podcast, speak at your event or teach your group? Use the link below to contact her team to get it set up! 

Brandy is a 2021 and 2022 Forbes Coach Council member and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Create & Cultivate, PopSugar and on select podcasts such as The Group Practice Exchange, The Private Practice Startup, Systems Saved Me, Journey To Seven, Hustle With a Purpose, and The Stacking Benjamin's Show to name a few.

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