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The perfect service for private practice owners who are on track to hit multiple 7-figures this year. Receive a tailored experienced with hands-on advisory and consulting to elevate you, your team and your practice today. 

Struggling in your practice costs you time, money and purpose. Your practice needs strong leadership to guide the ship.

Running a multi-7-figure practice requires a different mindset and skillset. Your practice will present a different set of problems as you continue to grow and scale.

Having a personalized approach to help you step up as the leader of your practice is a game changer. Be better prepared as you get real-time feedback to help you make important decisions to get the best outcomes for your practice.  

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If you're looking for:

More freedom to have your practice run without you

You're done being at the mercy of your knowledge. You've been able to grow your practice. Now you need help to take your practice to the next phase of growth. 

better understanding of your practice as a business

Your practice has outgrown your skill set. You're not sure how to run a business at this level because your degree isn't in business! You're ready to scale your practice to and past 7-figures with more hands on support.

Elevate Your practice on a bigger scale

You're ready to elevate your practice and turn your focus on to high-revenue generating tasks. You're ready to enhance and refine your operations, empower and expand your team to run as a real million dollar company. 

Great News. You're in the right place!

Using my 15+ years building, growing and leading multiple 8-figure practices. Together we'll refine your practice operationally, analyze your current team and create a plan to implement to transition your practice into a company with structure. 

Be support to achieve your practice goals!


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“She holds me accountable for making changes that I deserve and need...”

"I love Brandy! she is very encouraging and knowledgeable! Sitting down for an entire day and reviewing all aspects of my business was very helpful and the follow ups have been very needed since I do struggle with follow up in general. Brandy also does great at understanding how all aspects impact business, including my own personal barriers or insecurities. She is able to bring those to attention in a compassionate and caring way. She holds me accountable for making change that I deserve and need. As a natural giver I tend to put myself last, Brandy will help you bring focus back to yourself and your needs which in turn helps you pour into your business in ways you didn't know existed. "
-Venus Kennedy, LCMHCS | CEO

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“Brandy is very personable, down to earth, and has a good pulse on what practices should be doing...”

"Brandy is very personable, down to earth, and has a good pulse on what practices should be doing. I also appreciate the resources she provides. Learning materials were wonderful. It was nice to be on calls with other providers. "

“Brandy is very personable, caring and patient...”

"CEO coaching has helped me by empowering me to step into a CEO mindset and to own it! Brandy is very personable, caring and patient. I also loved the intimacy of the group and that we were able to form great connections."
- Nadia Ramnarain, MS, LPCC, Clinical Director | CEO

“CEO coaching has helped me...”

"CEO coaching has helped me understand the ins and outs of my practice."


“She helped me identify areas of improvement and gave suggestions I can implement NOW.”

"Brandy helped me by shifting my mindset in so many ways. She helped me identify transferable skills/experiences from my corporate background and assess how they can be leveraged in this entrepreneurial space. She helped me identify areas of improvement and gave suggestions I can implement NOW. She also helped me see that I'm really not doing that bad."

- Diane Holmes, CEO

Is This Right For You?

Your practice is generating at least $750,000  in annual revenue. 

You're overwhelmed by the day to day tasks of running your practice.

You want to be more of the CEO and stop being the end-all, be-all.

You're tired trying to juggle all the plates.

You're ready for freedom to own your CEO role with confidence.

sound familiar?

Then Let's Do This.

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