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Private Practice CEO™
The CEO School

The Private Practice CEO™ is designed to help you understand what it takes to run your practice for growth, sustainability and profitability. Get ready to learn the business and leadership side of your practice on a deeper level. 

If you're ready to be more than a practitioner. This program is for you. 

Be transformed into an empowered CEO. Together we'll help you to get out of the weeds of your practice, hire, leverage and lead your "ride or die" dream team, create efficient operations, understand your financials and market your practice in a bigger way. It's time own your CEO status with confidence. Know what it takes to run your practice successfully. 

let's get you to ceo status!

It's time to level up!

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If you're looking for:

the CEO skill set to give you freedom

You're done being a hostage of your practice. Always saying, "Sorry, I have work to do." Tired of missing out on life.

better understanding of your practice as a business

You're ready to learn the skills it takes to be the CEO of your practice. You're done throwing spaghetti at the wall and faking it until you make it, because you're still not making it.

The ability to scale your practice to the next level

You're ready to learn what you need to hire and lead a team full of buy-in with confidence and ease. You're ready to truly step into your CEO role.

Great News. You're in the right place!

Having the support of my 15+ years building, growing and leading 8-figure practices. We'll make sure you have a practice that is well oiled profitable and with an engaged team. Say goodbye to winging it in your practice. Learn how to officially run it, instead of it running you. 

Learn the ceo skills you need to achieve your goals!

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“This experience has removed my limited thoughts...”

"Brandy has helped me grow and find order to my business. This experience has removed my limited thoughts and placed me in a place of confidence to pursue the exaggerated dreams I have for my business and myself."
- R. Zabel, LCSW, ACSW

“Joining this mastermind was the best business and personal decision...”

"Joining this mastermind was the best business and personal decision that I've made this year. It truly is an amazing experience."

“I highly recommend this Mastermind to any one seriously committed to stepping fully into her CEO role...”

I highly recommend this Mastermind to any one seriously committed to stepping fully into her CEO role, showing up in service and making an impact in the lives of others! Brandy not only allows you to see your light, but action it with clarity and confidence, and invaluable, savvy business acumen that honors your client experience on every level.

Is This Right For You?

You're bringing in consistent monthly revenue in your practice. 

You're ready to understand the business side of your practice on a deeper level. 

You want to  show up as a confident and skilled CEO to elevate your practice.

You're ready to hire your team, or leverage your current team in a bigger way.

You're ready to know the strategy to move your practice forward.  To have more time, make more money and have more impact.  

So no to wearing the 62 hats you wear in a day!

Let's Do This!

Fill out the quick application to start the process of working with Brandy. Once your application is submitted you'll be able book a call with Brandy. If your application is a good fit we'll confirm your date and time.  You deserve this!!

I'm Ready to Own my ceo Status

Are you ready to be the CEO your practice needs?

Apply today for Private Practice CEO™ - the ceo school for private practice owners!


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