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Having a healthy & sustainable practice isn’t built by accident. It requires purposeful effort and commitment to excellence. Neglecting to assess the health of your practice is simply not an options - it's a MUST-DO! Take the FREE Health assessment today!

Tired of not having your practice schedule busting at the seams? Then it's time to market your practice! In this training you will learn the foundational CEO mindset to show up and attract more attention to your practice, the 3 phases of marketing, The Market Your Magic™ marketing cycle & so much more! Get the training today.

Only $97 (Value $997)

Learn the 9 Principles to Scale Your Healthcare Practice for Growth, Sustainability & Profit. It's time to step into your vision & achieve your next level of success. Dive into the mindset and skill set a CEO needs to scale your practice.

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Something Splendid






How you can keep all the projects, upcoming events & important dates in order with built-in team & personal options.

An easy way to keep team management under control. Use Gusto to help you manage HR, payroll, benefits, insights & more.

Need to create graphics, covers, or other marketing visuals? Canva has you covered! There are hundreds of templates to use to create beautiful graphics for your practice.

Use this tool to map out your Instagram feed. Not only does it give you a visual, it houses your copy and can allow you automate your posting.

Ready to elevate your website? Use Showit to help you get exactly what you want with free building capabilities! You can customize your site to perfection. Plus, they have amazing customer support!

WordPress allows you to create a blog to share in-depth with your following and more! Use this platform to share more, connect with others and hold all your blog posts in one place.

Tap in to the art of gift giving with Something Splendid! You can send custom gifts to your team or to clients to celebrate their accomplishments & more!

Plug & play, lawyer-created contract templates for business owners: coaches, course creators, & professional service providers.

The all-in-one practice management solution for private practitioners that houses scheduling, billing, documentation & client communication.

An all in one tool to help support your marketing strategy and grow & nurture your audience.

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Brandy's Fav Books

Understand the mindset of an entrepreneur & ceo.

Get motivated to go after the dreams you have & leave fear behind.

learn how to stop your practice from being a money pit & start being profitable.

a parable type story to explains how to maximize your teams functionality.